I've still got difficulties to update this news part, even if there's a lot of new things to show since the last one.

The videogame I've been working on for 8 months for DARKWORKS was just announced publicly by the publisher, UBISOFT. It's an horror-action game and it's called COLD FEAR. More news about the game itself on the website of DARKWORKS , on the UBISOFT website or on the website dedicated to the game :

I've got tons of concept arts that I still can't show. Here's one of the first image we can show, done with my buddy and colleague Benjamin Carré :


My other big project is my next Spawn graphic Novel called "Spawn : Architects of Fear" on which I'm also involved in the story development with writer Jean-François Porcherot. Our previous Spawn : Simony comic-book was the top selling tradepaperback in the US for the month of May. Due to this successful collaboration, under the approval of Todd McFarlane, our goal for this second one is to rise the quality of the art and the story. I'm not pencilling and inking anymore but only painting, so the result is closest to the quality of my illustration works. I'm also really more focused on the storytelling with a strong cinematographic atmosphere. Here's a sample of some panels of this comics :

And some visual teasers :

With the first poster, available in the french Spawn magazine issue 78 :


My other French comic-book about Arthurian mythology is also closed to be finished. On this one I'm only pencilling and inking, with a more classical feeling.

Some webshop soon with some prints :



OUCH !!! Too much time since the last Update !! I’ve went to the Angoulême comics convention foor the release of my Spawn : Simony comics Tradepaperback. I’ve also done some different dedications date.

Yet, 2 new interesting things to speak about :

  • the US release of this Spawn : Simony comic-book. It will be available in the United States and Canada for the first time on May 12. This 64-page book features a double-length story as well as added editorial content and pinup art (by Todd and Greg Capullo). More infos on : . One of the last issue of the PREVIEW catalogue use my illustration as a cover to present the project. Really flattering.

  • the release of a special comic-book related to a music band called Punish Yourself . Apocalyptic punkindustechnodancecore music. Check their site to listen to some samples and discover this band.

Another page for my next comic-book :

And some specials dedications done for Spawn :


MONDAY, JANUARY 12th, 2004

I’m working again for the videogame industry, for Darkworks company on a very interesting project…Some dark project I’m really comfortable with.

I was bored about videogames, because of too much disappointments but it seems this game will be “really” released and will certainly be a good one !! And I’m working with excellent artists. I have already learn a lot of things and I’m sure in some months improvements in my works will be perceptible.
The only thing that’s boring me is that I can’t show what I’m doing on this game and it’s certainly the best to date I’ve done for a videogame…There will be maybe an artbook released with the game…

My Spawn episodes are now released in a French TPB edition (the US version will be ready in some months) and I’ll be at the Angoulême comics festival at the end of January for dedication.

I’m also working for Wizard of the Coast for magic cards illustrations, some other RPG book cover and my other comic-book project is a little late because of all my other “assignments” but it will be finished in some months too.


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 19th, 2003

Too much news since my last update :

I’ve added a new section about my press articles (most of all in French), some old illustrations and videogame concept arts (even if I show them as “NEW”, most of all are “Oldies”), some recent Spawn poster, other book covers and some doodles and photographs…

The « Private view » of my exhibition at « Les Furieux » was really great. There was a lot of people and a lot of friends. It was a fantastic evening!! I’ve also done some signing dates in 6 different French towns for my Spawn comic-book and other Role Playing Games that I have illustrated. It was for the comics-shops called “Bazar du Bizarre” and a special Spawn poster in very limited edition was available for the occasion. You can still order this poster here :
and here is the picture and some photographs in the comics-shops:

Thanks to ROD and ALEPH for the photos !!
All my sincere thanks to all the teams in each shop and the people who came to see me there.
I really had a good time !!

I’ve done some different covers recently for RPG, books and poster: I really enjoyed working on the cover of a RPG book called POST-MORTEM. I've also worked on the graphism for this book, with the types and the cover design. It’s an ironic game with everything going on around the Death and its administration. And another cover for the RPG called COPS , a little different of the previous ones. As things goes, I’ll have soon published works in some other comic-books. Maybe some new stuff about a “Rockindus” band and some others celtic stories. I’ll certainly have fun on these projects ! And my Spawn comic-book will be soon published in the English US version. I’m impatiently waiting to work on the next one…More news on the board :;f=1;t=013511

Still Spawn universe : he last French issue of the magazine Wizard uses another of my first Spawn illustration, the dustjacket I’ve done for the announcement of my Spawn mini-serie.

Some of my illustrations appears in "Creating Emotion in Games", the forthcoming bestseller written by David Freeman about game design and writing techniques for video games. (the cover illustration is from the awesome Jason Manley !!) More details and artwork here :


The second episode of the french Spawn mini-serie I was working on is now published and available.
I’m very glad it’s done and, looking at the printed pages, it looks better than the first episode. ( French Spawn issue #72 - Semic editions). Here is the cover I’ve done and 2 pages samples:

In addition of my 22 pages, I’ve also done 3 additional illustrations… It’s an exceptional issue ( for me !! :-) ) with an extra Spawn illustrations gallery (16 pages) with some stunning artpieces ! I’ve had the opportunity to invite some international artists I know and that are doing an amazing work. I really admire their work and they all did fantastic renditions of the Spawn character :

  • Youngsan Kim “Dodowa”
  • Justin “Coro” Kaufman
  • Jean-Sébastien “LivingRope” Rossbach
  • Zach “Lono” Hall
  • Andrew Jones
  • Bruno “NoXiZmad” Gore
  • Phil “HardcorepiXXX” Guyenne

(Thanks mates !!! I hope it was as fun for you to do your pictures as it was for me to receive and discover them first !! :-) ) And there is also stunning others Spawn pieces in this gallery by some others very talented guys like Arnaud Boudoiron, Benoit Munoz and others French comics artists… Some links for interviews about this Spawn episode (French language) :

I’m yet finishing the special illustration for a Spawn poster for the “Bazar du Bizarre” comics-shops. And due to an increasing demand I’ll certainly do some prints of my personal works soon. Here’s also some samples of photographs I’ve done with my father as a model for a forthcoming work for a cover of a “Polar anthology” book. Film noir athmosphere… I’ll use one of this photographs for the final illustration, mixing it with others photographs and painting. It was really funny taking him as a model and the photos looks great… (I still got my Mother and my Sister to put on others covers illustrations, and then my friends :-) )


I’ve been working very hard for the last 3 weeks on my second episode of the Spawn comics and it will be available certainly next week in the French version first (Semic, Spawn issue 72). I’m very glad to have finished it.

In my opinion, it looks better than the first part of the story, with more action, and more Spawn appearances. I’ve changed some parts of my creative process and I handle better the character (Spawn and the others) and this time I’ve also done the cover and some others interior illustrations. There will be also a wonderful guest’s illustrations gallery, with some exceptional artists but I’ll say more next time, when it will be released.

Keeping the schedule with a comic-book, doing everything from layout to colors alone is very hard. I don’t know if it is because of this sustained effort or the recent heatwave in France but my screen is definitively out…And so is my ink-jet printer. I hope it won’t be the same thing with my computer :-) (Walee is still my savior !)

I’m currently working on a special Spawn poster, which will be available in the “Bazar du Bizarre” comics-shop.

And 4 covers to finish for books and RPGbooks and some works for videogames and publicity… (so there will be a lot of things to show soon :-) with extra artworks for others different occasions). No holiday for me this summer, my girlfriend won’t be happy…

I’ve done an alternate cover of the 5th american issue of “Strangers”, a comic-book published by Image Comics and created by the French publisher Semic. There’s a short story inside with Stéphane Roux's artwork, an amazingly talented French illustrator…Maybe one of the best artline artist I know and the back-cover is signed by another friend : Stéphane Louis ( this is the 6th issue’s cover) who’s still working on his own comic-book (look in my links page).

And least but not last :-), here is the poster/flyer I’ve done for a personal exhibition that will take place in two weeks at “Les furieux” ( that means ”the furious” ), a very nice place in Paris where I often go to have a drink, and sometimes more than one ;-).

(The upper part of the visual is a close-up of my forthcoming Spawn cover.)

The “private view” is Thursday 4th, September 2003. You can come to have a look at the pictures hanging on the wall or simply to taste some cocktails and have some beers, maybe a more interesting thing :-).

More informations here :

It’s also the bar chosen by the cafesale people for the occasional meetings.

I hope to see there a lot of friends!

See you there !!!


The website is finally up and running. There are a lot of old stuff, but I think they are quite interesting to see, a lot of artwork are missing, but hey it's the first version of this site so you got to bear with it : ). Some categories are incomplete and I still got tons of cool stuff to show. Spawn / Simonie Part 2 is coming out soon : ).

As I said it before, it's just the first version, and this website would have of not seen the light if my friend walee did not push me to make one. He really did a great job webdesigning it for me.

Soon you will be able to see more sutff, more artworks, more links and maybe read more of the incredible things that happen in my life :). But for now you just got to enjoy the small contents of my site.

For those who live in france and who are interested in my Spawn stuff, here are the signing dates for my Spawn comic-book, in several comics-shops called "Bazar du Bizarre". A special limited edition Spawn poster will be available at these shops.

[ a note from the webmaster : I am glad I finally made it. I am sorry for the delay. It was supposed to be online in july but i am 10 days late ... oh well I hope it was worth the wait for you ... we will probably have some cool things to show as soon as aleksi has more spare time : ) ]