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- ART -

[ WALEE ] This guy saved my butt so many times that I can't sum up all that I owe him. I often work with him and he's a very good graphist/webdesigner/3dmodeler.
[ TeSSA - Stéphane LOUIS ] A friend, a very nice guy, who's extremely talented in storytelling end dynamic drawing. He's always progressing and his next comic-book will be a success.
[ EL CORO - Justin KAUFMAN ] as he said it himself he started his art career vandalizing things with spraypaint, and now he carries on vandalizing things as a conceptual artist. What's very impressive with him is his ability to master true oil techniques, graffitis and digital images with the same maestria but with very different approaches...
[ Benjamin CARRE ] I really love the athmosphere of his pictures. Another very nice guy...His bookcovers are always eyecandy.
[ DODOWA ] a korean digitalart master who's totally successful at keeping a traditionnal aspect in his work. A unique universe ! and some others aspects of his art to discover on his website...
[ CAFESALE ] This message board had a lot of other french overtalented people. A very nice place to exchang. A lot of different styles but always very interesting. What's good with this cafe is that it is a generator of nice meetings. It's also the home of Kness and Bengal, 2 artists you can't miss !!
[ Denis GRRR ] A very dark and raw universe. One of the first professional illustrator I've met.
Impressive meeting...
[ Jean-Sébastien ROSSBACH ] A friend and an excellent artist with whom I’ve got a lot in common : music, artistic feelings and references. His use of mixed media : photography, pencil, painting, typography and graphism creates a melting-pot that really appeals to me. Certainly another common point I share with him…
[ Nicolas "Sparth" BOUVIER ] Ouch !!!! His digital works really impressed me when I discovered it and certainly influences some parts of my own work. Talking about design and colors, he’s a true master !
[ HARDCOREPIXXX ] A raw, very direct and effective graphism. He always manages a wonderful mix between graphism and concept art.
[ NoXiZmad ] A perfectionist ! A mad artist who can rework on almost the entire piece he had just finished and do it again 10 times…J But in the end the result is always stunning !
[ Jon FOSTER ] Another genius : very dynamic anatomy, always audacious compositions and terrific brush strokes J He’s also a very good teacher, generous and always humble.
[ CONCEPART ] this forum dedicated to concept art changes my life : ). I learn a lot with the overtalented people I met over there ( see the links above !) I won the 4th contest on this board dedicated to Terminator and my illustrations appears on the official terminator3 website.
[ Alyz Tale ] Her true name isn't Emily but she shares a lot of common points with this character :) She's involved in the music field, she write novels and she's doing more and more interesting pictures.
[ Jerôme RENEAUME ] excellent videogame et comic-book artist !!
[ The Péru Brothers ] And their Shaman comic-book !


[ LES FURIEUX ] A very nice place to have a drink. A "Rockandmore" bar.
[ Alex NIKOLAVITCH ] The mad guy who provides me the stories for the Spawn comic-books. Go there and read his "warzone", a sarcastic but very funny daily diary. he's also the author behind the "Central zero" comics and a lof of others things...
[ SEMIC ] A French publisher I worked with on several interesting comics project ( Spawn !!! )
[ SPAWN.COM ] Here you can read news about Todd macFarlane comics and other activities, film, videogames, sport and new wonderful toys and of course some news about my own work on the Spawn comic-books : )
[ Sire Cédric ] A dark and romantic writer
[ La Fée Dans La Bouteille ] A very nice shop dedicated to the realms of Faerie…In Paris.
[ DARKWORKS ] Videogame company
[ DAZ 3D ] 3D Content for Art and Animation


[ SIN ] A music band that I really appreciate, the music and the guys, even if they are a little "specials".
[ A FIVE SENSES FIST ] a very promising “rockindus” band.
[ IN MEMORIA ] another good dark-electro-rock band from the French scene. The singer is also graphist and a friend of mine.
[ PUNISH YOURSELF ] From the day we were born all we wanted was rock’n roll and a motorbike…’nuff said ! Monstruous PUNKINDUSTECHNODANCECORE !!!