Too much news and projects ! I’m currently too busy to update my gallery but I’ve got tons of new pictures to show. My website even need a new complete lifting, with removal of a lot of old pictures. In some months, as early as I’ve got the time with my working schedule…

I’m currently still working on the next Splinter Cell videogame, some more Magic cards, another big Wizard of the Coast project, covers for books and RPG books ( White Wolf, Gallimard, Fleuve Noir, COPS for Asmodée), the second issue of « Legends of the Round table » for Soleil

And last but not least the biggest project is certainly  MERLIN, a 130 fully illustrated pages artbook edited in french by Soleil, written by Jean-Luc Istin with illustration, design and layout by my friend Jean-Sébastien Rossbach and myself. An ambitious book that will cast a new lighting on old enchanter Merlin. More rude, almost animal, shamanistic, epic, spellbinding, dreamlike, it's gonna be really ambitious and beautiful, you'll see, mark my words… The released date is May 2006.

The temporary cover and some previews :

And I'll go to the next workshop at Prague next month (October21/24) with the freakin' CA crew. That sounds like another awesome art meeting. More than glad to be part of this adventure. More news here about this exceptional event, if you’re interested about learning about art :

I’ve also won the 2005 Art&Fact award of illustration so I got a big exhibition at the international SciFi convention Utopiales of Nantes (Novembre 9/13). I’ll also be there to do some paintings demos.

One of my illustration for the RPG QIN, published by  le 7 ème Cercle  is the cover of the last issue of the RPG magazine Casus Belli. Some others pictures of mine are appearing also in the last french ComputerArt issue. It’s a translation of an article first published in ComputerArts Projects issue 73 .

I’ve also got some other images in the artbook Exotique published soon by Ballistic Publishing.

And a photograph of George Romero, THE Zombies Master, with the boardgame called Zombies, on which I've worked with my other friend Benjamin "Ornicar" Carré. The game will be soon released in an US version and the box illustration will also appear in an ongoing Zombies book by Steve Niles and Nat Jones.]ZOMBIES%20pics

"Stay Scared !!!”